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nearly naked guy and his hot new buddy

Cowboy Hat

Look at this near-naked guy, another lonely boy in his bathroom with a smooth, defined, sexy bod, a high libido, and a camera. Gotta love his improvised hat rack too! Actually it’s kinds sexy not seeing EVERYTHING, and the cowboy hat adds a touch of butch. You might even think he could be a top, that is until you see the next pic…

Cowboy Ass

Now what was I saying about him being a top? I don’t even remember, I’m suddenly too distracted by his tight, round, smooth, muscled little ass. Did I mention I have a thing for those?

Anyhow, our little lonely naked cowboy snapped these hot as hell pics of himself, apparently showing his true colors with this ass-exposing shot (gotta love that, all you top guys!). Then, like any red-blooded American boy, he posted them online and tried his luck. How do you think that worked out for him? Well scroll down and see!


So then this “good buddy” of our buck naked cowboy shows up, and he’s just as hot! So I’d say our cowboy’s online guy-quest panned out pretty well after all – must have been that hot as hell ass shot.

Anyhow, what are the odds this buddy of his tapped that fine, round ass? I’d estimate them at 99.99% (the .01% remaining is to account for the slight chance of a roommate or parent walking in on them after they took these pics, but before they could move on to the bump and grind.

Just imagine what these two might have done together. It blows the mind!

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  • Alexander hamblin March 11, 2009, 12:41 am

    i want to lick that thing

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