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i love sexy, young college guys!

Sexy Young College Guy

I mean, just look at this guy. How hot is he? Imagine arriving at college and finding out he was your dorm roommate. You know he’d probably be the type that sleeps naked, and you also know you’d probably stay awake nights looking at him as he slept, slowly jerking it under your sheets.

That is until one night when he catches you looking at him. 5 minutes later, you’re both lying on your bed, him saying “damn, I’m trashed”, and you saying, “I haven’t jerked it in two days”. And, one thing leading to another, you end up positioning him on his stomach and giving him a pillow to bite as you grab for the Lubriderm. Ahh, college boys.

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  • HotFunGuy April 18, 2009, 8:17 am

    WOW hes HOT!! Yeah I can see him in my bed at College saying “Damn, Im trashed” and me saying “Hell yeah Dude, I want you pounding me Hard!”

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